Debating Club

We had another very successful year in our Debating Club in Newport College despite the Corona 19 pandemic. We enjoyed a significant improvement in results in our participation for the second year in the Concern Schools Debating Competition.

We improved our rating significantly on last year’s rankings and look forward to taking part in this competition again in the school year 21/22. We were able to take part in this competition with the help of technology and we would like to thank Marcin Lentka in fifth year for all his help with recording, and helping us out with any technological difficulties.

We would like to say a special thank you to Saoirse McInerney, Michael Nolan and Maeve Bartley for their fantastic contribution to our debating team and their excellent participation in both lunch time debating activities and the Concern Debates. Their excellent contributions to debating have laid a foundation stone for all future students who are part of debating in Newport College. We thank them, wish them every success in their Leaving Certificate exams and the very best of luck in their chosen paths in life.