Open Night Highlights

Meet our teachers: Our school motto is “Every Child Matters”. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of all our students. The excellent respectful connections of teachers and students is highly regarded. This is your opportunity to meet us and personally experience it.

Meet our students: You will have a chance to meet with our students on the night.

Tours of the school: You will get to see all our facilities.

If you would like to get a flavour of the school you might like to watch this virtual open night from 2021.

Newport College Video Open Night 2020 2021 – YouTube

Admissions Policy, Notice and Prospectus

Admission Notice 2024-2025 Special Class Only

Newport College_Admission Policy 2024-2025 Special Class Only

Admission Notice 2024-2025

Admission Policy 2024-2025

Application for Admission Form 2024-2025

Prospectus 2023

Contact Us

Questions? Feel free to contact us:

If you would like to visit our school, please contact the school office and we’ll be happy to organise a tour for you.