Parents Association



The College has a very active Parents’ Association with representatives from each part of the catchment area. Our parents have actively worked on a review of the school’s Code of Behaviour among other policies.

Parents who are active in Parents’ Associations show their children that they, the Parents, are interested not only in their academic progress at school but in their development as well. Parents will know more about the school, the teachers and any extracurricular activities that are taking place.


The aims of the Parents’ Association are:

  • to represent the views of parents.
  • to inform parents of developments in education and in the school.
  • to foster co-operation between parents, teachers and school management.


Our current Parents’ Association elected representatives are:

Chairperson: Seamus Seymour
Vice Chairperson: Miriam Pearson


Our Board of Management representatives are

Seamus Seymour and Ursula Porter


Our Home School Liaison Officer, Ms. Linda Kiely works closely with our Parents’ Association,

thereby fostering the close working relationship between school and home.

Please contact the school should you require any contact details for our representatives on the Parents’ Association



In addition to these formal structures, parents are always welcome to call to the school to view our facilities or discuss the progress of their children. Each year, we have Parent/Teacher meetings when parents are invited to the school to meet all teachers. Meetings for parents of first years are organised in September to give them an idea of what new subjects involve and ideas on how parents can help with their child’s education. Information evenings also take place when students are making important decisions such as choosing subjects for the Junior and Leaving Certificate.