School Tutors, Classes and Year heads

Class Tutor and Year Head System

Newport College has class tutors for each class group, who provide pastoral support to the students in their care; they check diaries weekly and monitor notes and any issues which may arise; they provide additional support for all students.

Our Year Heads form part of our discipline system in the school, responsible for monitoring homework and any other issues which may arise.


Class Tutors and Year heads 2018/2019

N1                    Mary O’Connor, Year Head; Linda Kiely, Rachel Crowe, Cathal Bourke

N2                    Timmy Fleming, Year Head; Jane Keating, Ciarán Hegarty

N3                    Aoife Hennessy, Year Head; Francis Bourke, Mary Coughlan

TY                    Claire Sullivan, Coordinator

LCV1/LCV2     Cathleen McCarthy, Year Head; Sinead McNamara

LCA                 Brigid Harmon, Year Head



Classes                                                                   Codes

First Year                                                                   N1 Ash; N1 Elm; N1 Oak

Second Year                                                              N2 Joyce; N2 Yeats

Third Year                                                                 N3 Allen; N3 Derg

Transition Year                                                         TY

Fifth Year                                                                   LCV1

Sixth Year                                                                  LCV2

Leaving Cert Applied                                               LCA